Emoji Quiz

1. What form does Hermione's Patronus take? A. 🦁 B. 🦦 C. 🐱 D. 🐭 2. What does the spell "Obliviate" do? A. 💥 B. 🔒 C. 🗑️ D. 🔄 3. What fruit must you tickle to enter the Hogwarts kitchen?

Hard Harry Potter Quiz

1. What is the core of the Elder Wand? A. Dragon heartstring B. Thestral tail hair C. Phoenix feather D. Unicorn hair 2. Who was the first to escape Azkaban? A. Sirius Black

Easy Harry Potter Quiz

1. What house is Harry Potter in? A. Slytherin B. Ravenclaw C. Gryffindor D. Hufflepuff 2. Who is Harry's best male friend? A. Draco B. Neville C. Ron D. Fred 3. What does

Harry Potter Quiz for Kids

1. What is Harry Potter's owl's name? A. Fluffy B. Crookshanks C. Hedwig D. Scabbers 2. What sport does Harry play? A. Cricket B. Soccer C. Quidditch D. Basketball 3. Who is Ron's

What is Your Harry Potter Animagus? Quiz

1. What quality do you most value in yourself? Intelligence and freedom Leadership and bravery Independence and curiosity Sociability and playfulness 2. In a difficult situation, you tend to... Find a quiet place