Harry Potter Quiz for Kids

Harry Potter Quiz for Kids

1. What is Harry Potter's owl's name?

A. Fluffy
B. Crookshanks
C. Hedwig
D. Scabbers

2. What sport does Harry play?

A. Cricket
B. Soccer
C. Quidditch
D. Basketball

3. Who is Ron's pet rat?

A. Crookshanks
B. Trevor
C. Scabbers
D. Fang

4. What color is Gryffindor's house?

A. Blue
B. Green
C. Red
D. Yellow

5. Who is the headmaster of Hogwarts?

A. Snape
B. McGonagall
C. Dumbledore
D. Hagrid

6. What is the magic word for lighting up a wand?

A. Expelliarmus
B. Accio
C. Lumos
D. Alohomora

7. What does the Marauder's Map show?

A. Treasure
B. Hogwarts secrets
C. People's movements
D. Magical creatures

8. What is the name of Ron's sister?

A. Hermione
B. Luna
C. Ginny
D. Cho

9. What is the name of the three-headed dog?

A. Norbert
B. Crookshanks
C. Fluffy
D. Fang