Easy Harry Potter Quiz

Easy Harry Potter Quiz
Photo by Jack Anstey / Unsplash

1. What house is Harry Potter in?

A. Slytherin
B. Ravenclaw
C. Gryffindor
D. Hufflepuff

2. Who is Harry's best male friend?

A. Draco
B. Neville
C. Ron
D. Fred

3. What does Harry use to catch the Snitch?

A. Broomstick
B. Wand
C. Hands
D. Net

4. What kind of creature is Dobby?

A. Goblin
B. Elf
C. Centaur
D. Troll

5. Who is the potions teacher in Harry's first year?

A. McGonagall
B. Lupin
C. Snape
D. Flitwick

6. What color is Gryffindor's common room?

A. Green
B. Blue
C. Red
D. Yellow

7. What animal can Harry speak to?

A. Cats
B. Owls
C. Snakes
D. Spiders

8. What is Harry's mother's name?

A. Lily
B. Molly
C. Petunia
D. Bellatrix

9. Who is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts?

A. Filch
B. Snape
C. Dumbledore
D. Hagrid

10. What shape is Harry's scar?

A. Moon
B. Star
C. Heart
D. Lightning bolt

11. Who does Harry live with before going to Hogwarts?

A. The Weasleys
B. The Dursleys
C. The Lovegoods
D. The Malfoys

12. What magical object makes the user invisible?

A. Time-Turner
B. Marauder's Map
C. Sorting Hat
D. Invisibility Cloak