Harry Potter Spells Quiz

Harry Potter Spells Quiz
Photo by Artem Maltsev / Unsplash

1. What spell locks a door and makes it unopenable?

A. Colloportus
B. Alohomora
C. Incendio
D. Impervius

2. Which spell is NOT used to disarm?

A. Expelliarmus
B. Relashio
C. Flipendo
D. Stupefy

3. What spell creates a bandage and splint?

A. Episkey
B. Anapneo
C. Brackium Emendo
D. Ferula

4. What is the incantation for the Summoning Charm?

A. Accio
B. Wingardium Leviosa
C. Expelliarmus
D. Lumos

5. What spell erases memories?

A. Obliviate
B. Confundo
C. Incendio
D. Impedimenta

6. Which spell amplifies the caster's voice?

A. Amplificato
B. Sonorus
C. Vocifera
D. Magnifico

7. What spell removes aftereffects of previous spells?

A. Finite Incantatem
B. Reparo
C. Renervate
D. Riddikulus

8. What spell is used to repair broken objects?

A. Reparo
B. Incendio
C. Wingardium Leviosa
D. Alohomora

9. What spell causes objects to explode?

A. Confringo
B. Diffindo
C. Bombarda
D. Reducto

10. Which spell turns objects into birds?

A. Avis
B. Avifors
C. Oppugno
D. Ferula

11. What is the counter-spell for Levicorpus?

A. Liberacorpus
B. Descendo
C. Finite
D. Expelliarmus

12. What spell protects against Dementors?

A. Expecto Patronum
B. Protego
C. Lumos Solem
D. Stupefy