Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz

1. Who is believed to have betrayed Harry's parents to Lord Voldemort?

A. Peter Pettigrew
B. Sirius Black
C. Remus Lupin
D. Severus Snape

2. What form does Harry's Patronus take?

A. Phoenix
B. Doe
C. Stag
D. Wolf

3. Who teaches the Defense Against the Dark Arts class in Harry's third year?

A. Professor Lockhart
B. Professor Moody
C. Professor Lupin
D. Professor Umbridge

4. What is the name of the magical map that shows everyone's movements within Hogwarts?

A. Marauder's Map
B. Hogwarts Blueprint
C. Wizard's Wayfinder
D. Magical Mapper

5. Which creature drags Harry into the sky during a Quidditch match?

A. Dragon
B. Thestral
C. Hippogriff
D. Dementor

6. Who is NOT one of the original Marauders?

A. Moony
B. Padfoot
C. Prongs
D. Fang

7. Who writes a book titled "The Monster Book of Monsters"?

A. Newt Scamander
B. Bathilda Bagshot
C. Gilderoy Lockhart
D. Edwardus Lima

8. Who is the new Care of Magical Creatures teacher?

A. Horace Slughorn
B. Rubeus Hagrid
C. Sybill Trelawney
D. Argus Filch

9. What is the name of the village near Hogwarts that students visit on weekends?

A. Little Whinging
B. Godric's Hollow
C. Hogsmeade
D. Diagon Alley

10. What is the name of Ron's pet rat?

A. Scabbers
B. Crookshanks
C. Hedwig
D. Norbert